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Sporting her hibiscus design Towel Down!!!

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October 2012
The Michael Phelps Foundation Golf Classic


Towel Down won the Silver Medal for Innovative Excellence in the Category of Advertising at INPEX (Invention & New Product Exposition)


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Screen Guilders Award

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Win a Towel Down!!!!

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Introducing Towel Down!!!
Here it is, a wind resistant beach towel, backpack, tote and much more. Are you tired of carrying all your supplies out to the beach? You know how cumbersome it is to carry your sunblock, radio, cellphone, wallet and towel. Wouldn't it be convenient if you could carry just ONE thing? If you answered "yes", then we have the product for you. Towel Down.

The Towel Down is not just a beach towel. It's not just a beach blanket. It's not just a tote bag. It's not just a backpack. It's not just full of pockets for hiding personal belongings. It doesn't just have a pillow area. It's not just a sleeping bag. It's ALL of them put together into one convenient towel, allowing your arms to be free making it easier to enjoy the boardwalk, park or beach. It's versatile, fun and practical. The best is......It's for ALL ages, male and female.




How to Use Towel Down

Fun · Versatile · Practical
  1. At the top center is a double chamber pocket filled with sand and presto, you have a pillow. Hide personal items in other pocket and feel secure about leaving your belongings hidden while you swim.
  2. Use velcro closures on each side of towel to attach one towel to another...etc. This creates a beach blanket and is great for families, friends and couples.
  3. Fill each corner with sand (or hide keys or personal items) to keep corners weighted down and resist winds and sand blowing all over you.
  4. When you're done, empty sand, pull towel through pocket and use as tote, bring adjustable straps to other side and use as backpack. -There is nothing better than snuggling up on the beach and taking a nap. Just bring one Towel Down over you and close your velcro to create a sleeping bag. Fall fast asleep to the sound of the ocean. -Also use Towel Down on lounges and chairs. Just close velcro at corners to stop towel from falling or blowing up over you.