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Sporting her hibiscus design Towel Down!!!

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A few years back, entrepreneur Tina Marie Connors realized a problem: Going to the beach is a hassle. There are picnic baskets, coolers, beach bags, and towels all vying for arm space, and one errant breeze can send them all flying. Her answer to this vexing vacation frustration was to create Towel Down. The 40x70" towel has several built-in, Velcro pockets you can fill with beach "stuff" or even sand to prevent the towel from blowing away. Roll it up like a bindle, and straps at the edges will let you carry it like any other beach bag. A wide range of colors and patterns top off this imaginative accessory that will make beach jaunts as carefree as they were in childhood.

April 20, 2006 By: Alex Muniz: aroundPhilly.com


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